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The Ask and the Answer

Author : Patrick Ness
Publisher :
Page : 519 pages
File Size : 19,88 MB
Release : 2009
Category : Science fiction
ISBN : 9781406323092


Alternate chapters follow teenagers Todd and Viola, who become separated as the Mayor's oppressive new regime takes power in New Prentisstown, a space colony where residents can hear each other's thoughts.

The Ask

Author : Laura Fredricks
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Page : 242 pages
File Size : 24,65 MB
Release : 2017-10-31
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN : 1119374499


Asking is more than a skill—it's a lifestyle The Ask is your personal manual for building the best, most fulfilling personal and professional life possible. Crafting the perfect ask can fund your new business, support your favorite charity, and get more quality time with your significant other—but it can do so much more than that. It can change your life. In learning how to ask for what you really want and deserve, you lose your fear of rejection and judgement. You create the greatest sense of self-worth that no one can give you, you give it to yourself when you ask. The critical moment is when you turn your skills inward and make the hardest asks, the ones you ask yourself. This book is designed to make you an Exceptional Asker, and in the process, give you the confidence and skills you need to achieve all your goals and realize your dreams. You'll learn how to prepare, what words to use, what to avoid, and how to follow up, and you'll purge the natural hesitancy that has been holding you back for so long. Asking is about empowerment. It shows the world that what you want matters. It defines who you are, where you're going, and who will be by your side. This book provides over 175 sample asks, with clear actionable steps to help you claim your space in relationships, at work, and in the world. Rewrite your own rulebook and find empowerment in asking Learn the simple five steps to craft the perfect ask Discover the secret of the ask – it's two sentences and a question Remove your Money Blockers and turn a bad ask into a win Conquer the hardest asks you'll ever make—the ones you ask yourself Mastering the art of the ask reconfigures your approach to life, and changes the way you tackle challenges and goals. The Ask gives you the skills—and the mindset—you need to accomplish anything you can dream.

Coffee with Matt & Joe

Author : James E. McClaren
Publisher : Xulon Press
Page : 498 pages
File Size : 20,99 MB
Release : 2010-10
Category : Family & Relationships
ISBN : 1613799888


Grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair, and join the conversations that Matt and Joe have as they try to understand and follow the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. As Matt and Joe work at putting into practice the teachings of Jesus, they are amazed at the changes in their lives-in their marriages, families, jobs, and their relationships with God. If you join Matt and Joe, perhaps similar changes can happen in your life too. Matt and Joe demand not only your mind but your soul. -Kevin Candow, High School Student As a business and executive coach, I stay informed on the latest management, motivational, leadership, and positive psychology books to continually bring new ideas to my clients. I am lucky enough to also bring my faith into my client sessions quite often. Coffee With Matt & Joe brings all of those topics to bear with real life issues and solutions to those issues. You will not find another book that deals with more real life issues and solutions for those issues. Whether you are a seasoned servant for Jesus Christ or someone who has never picked up a Bible, you will find comfort, solace, and solutions for the issues in life we encounter daily. And, if you are someone new to Jesus Christ, you have just picked up a book to take you into a new life of patience, contemplation, comfort, and joy. -Robert C. Meyer, MBA, CBC, President, Executive Strategies, Inc. Dr. Jim McClaren has been serving the local church as a United Methodist minister since 1981. During that time, he has been helping people discover and follow Jesus. He and his wife, Gail, have 4 children. www.coffeewithmattandjoe.com

Teaching ESL/EFL Listening and Speaking

Author : I.S.P. Nation
Publisher : Routledge
Page : 220 pages
File Size : 30,97 MB
Release : 2008-10-15
Category : Education
ISBN : 1135857318


Using a framework based on principles of teaching and learning, this guide for teachers and teacher trainees provides a wealth of suggestions for helping learners at all levels of proficiency develop their listening and speaking skills and fluency. By following these suggestions, which are organized around four strands – meaning-focused input, meaning-focused output, language-focused learning, and fluency development – teachers will be able to design and present a balanced program for their students. Teaching ESL/EFL Listening and Speaking, and its companion text, Teaching ESL/EFL Reading and Writing, are similar in format and the kinds of topics covered, but do not need to be used together. Drawing on research and theory in applied linguistics, their focus is strongly hands-on, featuring easily applied principles, a large number of useful teaching techniques, and guidelines for testing and monitoring. All Certificate, Diploma, Masters and Doctoral courses for teachers of English as a second or foreign language include a teaching methods component. The texts are designed for and have been field tested in such programs.

Coding with Scratch 3

Publisher : VIETSTEM
Page : 196 pages
File Size : 19,75 MB
Release : 2019-11-07
Category : Education


Today, technology is increasingly developed and applied in every area of life, from office work, education, entertainment, restaurants, supermarkets, or even devices in your family. Understanding how machines work will be essential. Therefore, the subject "Programming" has been developed and become a basic skill like reading and writing in this 4.0 era. "Coding with Scratch 3.0" is an indispensable book for students entering the era of 4.0 - the era of artificial intelligence and robots. The book has five chapters and the appendix: The first chapter will introduce Scratch 3.0 Programming Environment, the next four chapters are four projects with knowledge from easy to difficult, guided by step-by-step practice. Finally, the appendix briefly introduces the circuit simulation project, translation software and adds knowledge about functions and lists in programming


Author : Gabriela Taylor
Publisher : Global & Digital
Page : 144 pages
File Size : 18,6 MB
Release : 2013-09-25
Category : Computers
ISBN : 190992413X


The world is changing. The way we do business, the way we shop, the way we socialize and the way we run successful marketing campaigns In Tumblr for Business, Gabriela Taylor, an expert in online marketing and social media, shows you not only how Tumblr can be used to showcase your brand to a worldwide audience, but also how to create social buzz and take your business to the next level. Amazon reviewer Andrew David states, "Gabriela Taylor really knows how to keep things simple but detailed, which I liked because I did not know what I was doing at the start." If your customer demographics skew young, your business and Tumblr could be a perfect match, since half of Tumblr's users are under 25. There are 100+ million Tumblr blogs and only 67+ million sites running on WordPress. The popular website, valued at $1 billion plus, allows the use of multimedia and can brag of 13 billion global page views in just one recent month and 75 million posts daily. "This book is really a soup to nuts guide on how to register for and set up a Tumblr blog to advanced Tumblr marketing strategies for your product or service,"says Amazon reviewer Jennie Zahn. "Gabriela Taylor also provides other ways to use Tumblr to make money. Is it the ultimate guide? I'd have to say Yes. It's the best guide I've read for Tumblr. There's a thoughtful comparison of Tumblr and other social media sites like Facebook & Twitter." Zahn also liked the "step-by-step instructions to set up and enhance a Tumblr site. There's also great information on how to integrate other tools and features with Tumblr. . . .I thought the best part covered advanced strategies and monetization. Taylor writes clearly and is obviously an expert Tumblr user. I also think the book is underpriced for what you get. I'd highly recommend it for anyone considering using Tumblr at any level."

Cognitive Constraints on Communication

Author : L.M. Vaina
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Page : 428 pages
File Size : 18,57 MB
Release : 2013-03-14
Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN : 9401091889


Communication is one of the most challenging human phenomena, and the same is true of its paradigmatic verbal realization as a dialogue. Not only is communication crucial for virtually all interpersonal relations; dialogue is often seen as offering us also a paradigm for important intra-individual processes. The best known example is undoubtedly the idea of concep tualizing thinking as an internal dialogue, "inward dialogue carried on by the mind within itself without spoken sound", as Plato called it in the Sophist. At first, the study of communication seems to be too vaguely defmed to have much promise. It is up to us, so to speak, to decide what to say and how to say it. However, on eloser scrutiny, the process of communication is seen to be subject to various subtle constraints. They are due inter alia to the nature of the parties of the communicative act, and most importantly, to the properties of the language or other method of representation presupposed in that particuIar act of communication. It is therefore not surprising that in the study of communication as a cognitive process the critical issues revolve around the nature of the representations and the nature of the computations that create, maintain and interpret these representations. The term "repre sentation" as used here indicates a particular way of specifying information about a given subject.

Ask and You Will Succeed

Author : Ken D. Foster
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Page : 272 pages
File Size : 11,72 MB
Release : 2009-05-26
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN : 0470455934


Ask and You Will Succeed is a breath of fresh air in a marketplace crowded with advice on what to believe and how to live. Filled with powerful questions that invite you to listen to your inner voice and tap into the strength you need to create your ideal life, this book makes you the final authority in your own life—not outside forces that you can't control. Packed with thought-provoking questions related to the creative laws of success, Ask and You Will Succeed shatters the myth that your success depends on the advice, hard work, or ambition of others. Instead, Kenneth Foster presents life-changing questions that—when answered by you—will help you define and attain success in every area of your life. By utilizing the questions in this book, you'll uncover the true nature of your own mind. If you ask the right questions and do the work, you'll find that prosperous thinking flows into every aspect of your life effortlessly, relieving you of the stressful, negative thoughts that block your creativity and halt your drive for success. Through the process of asking and answering these wise questions, you'll learn to live in harmony with yourself, succeed in business, improve your physical health, build strong relationships, and engender fulfillment, energy, and enthusiasm for life. No matter what you do in life, you'll find a renewed sense of purpose, extraordinary wealth, and an unending love for what you choose to do in life. All you have to do is ask. Ask and You Will Succeed is the result of Foster'slifetime of work helping people transfer their attention from failure to success, worry to calm, distraction to concentration, restlessness to peace, and negativity to positivity. When you ask yourself these questions, you'll grow from mastering tasks to mastering yourself—and begin a journey to unlimited wealth and unending success. To find out more about Kenneth???s programs, go to www.premiercoaching.com.

A Faith That Stands

Author : Tammy Thurman
Publisher : WestBow Press
Page : 701 pages
File Size : 46,84 MB
Release : 2022-09-25
Category : Religion
ISBN : 166426583X


Following Jesus can seem like an overwhelming task. Yet for all who believe, Jesus asks us to consider the cost and to follow Him. We all walk a unique road in life, yet God equips each of us to pursue Him despite the challenges that face us. Faith can grow stagnant and unsteady if we grow unaware and don’t continually tend to it. With the purpose of applying Scripture to everyday life and striving for unwavering faith, A Faith That Stands features twelve monthly themes, including forgiveness, perseverance, surrender, patience, trust, self-control, and many others. It also provides multigenerational insights from twelve authors in an extended family, making it a great resource as a personal or family daily devotional. This collection offers a broad, yet personal perspective on faith with practical life application questions at the end of each week. Designed for a variety of settings, its versatility makes it a great resource as a personal Bible study or small- group study with some friends.