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Tales of Ordinary Madness

Author : Charles Bukowski
Publisher : City Lights Books
Page : 216 pages
File Size : 43,35 MB
Release : 2013-06-15
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 0872866386


Exceptional stories that come pounding out of Bukowski's violent and depraved life. Horrible and holy, you cannot read them and ever come away the same again. This collection of stories was once part of the 1972 City Lights classic, Erections, Ejaculations, Exhibitions and General Tales of Ordinary Madness. That book was later split into two volumes and republished: The Most Beautiful Woman in Town and, this book, Tales of Ordinary Madness. With Bukowski, the votes are still coming in. There seems to be no middle ground—people seem either to love him or hate him. Tales of his own life and doings are as wild and weird as the very stories he writes. In a sense, Bukowski was a legend in his time, a madman, a recluse, a lover; tender, vicious; never the same. "Bukowski … a professional disturber of the peace … laureate of Los Angeles netherworld [writes with] crazy romantic insistence that losers are less phony than winners, and with an angry compassion for the lost."—Jack Kroll, Newsweek "Bukowski’s works are extraordinarily vivid and often bitterly funny observations of people living on the very edge of oblivion. His poetry, in all its glorious simplicity, was accessible the way poetry seldom is a testament to his genius."—Nick Burton, PIF Magazine

Erections, Ejaculations, Exhibitions, and General Tales of Ordinary Madness

Author : Charles Bukowski
Publisher :
Page : 498 pages
File Size : 12,99 MB
Release : 1972
Category : California


"With Bukowski, the votes are still coming in. There seems to be no middle ground - people seem either to love him or hate him. Tales of his own life and doings are as wild and weird as the very stories he writes. In a sense, Bukowski was a legend in his time ... a madman, a recluse, a lover ... tender, vicious ... never the same ... these are exceptional stories that come pounding out of his violent and depraved life ... horrible and holy, you cannot read them and ever come away the same again."--Page 4 de la couverture.

Tales of Ordinary Madness

Author : Malcolm Bourne
Publisher : Oni Press
Page : 0 pages
File Size : 21,68 MB
Release : 2004-03-09
Category : Affective disorders
ISBN : 9781929998784


We all have problems. Every day, our lives are peppered with a little bit of madness, things that push us over the edge and away from our sanity. Take Robert. He knows those eyes are watching him. What eyes? The ones that are everywhere, lurking in every corner, outside every window. Then there's David, who one day had the irresistible urge to walk out into the middle of traffic. Or Mrs. Yogeswarren, who is so scared of dogs, she has to plan a route ahead of time whenever she wants to go anywhere, just so she can avoid canines of any kind. These are the sorts of people who have to go to the psychiatrist to learn to cope. But what happens when the good doctor begins to identify a little too closely with his patients?

Charles Bukowski, Outsider Literature, and the Beat Movement

Author : Paul Clements
Publisher : Routledge
Page : 214 pages
File Size : 35,53 MB
Release : 2013-04-26
Category : Literary Criticism
ISBN : 113405971X


This book uses cultural and psycho-social analysis to examine the beat writer Charles Bukowski and his literature, focusing on representations of the anti-hero rebel and outsider. Clements considers the complexities, ambiguities, and contradictions represented by the author and his work, exploring Bukowski’s visceral writing of the cultural ordinary and everyday self-narrative. The study considers Bukowski’s apolitical, gendered, and working-class stance to understand how the writer represents reality and is represented with regards to counter-cultural literature. In addition, Clements provides a broader socio-cultural focus that evaluates counterculture in relation to the American beat movement and mythology, highlighting the male cool anti-hero. The cultural practices and discourses utilized to situate Bukowski include the individual and society, outsiderdom, cult celebrity, fan embodiment, and disneyfication, providing a greater understanding of the beat generation and counterculture literature.


Author : Steven Puchalski
Publisher : Headpress
Page : 388 pages
File Size : 44,89 MB
Release : 2002
Category : B films
ISBN : 9781900486217


Utilising in-depth reviews, cast and plot details, Slimetime wallows in those films which the world has deemed it best to forget - everything from cheesy no-budget exploitation to the embarrassing efforts of Major Studios. Many of these films have never seen a major release, some were big hits, and others have simply vanished. To compliment the wealth of reviews on sci-fi, schlock, flower power and puppet people films are detailed essays on specific sleaze genres such as Biker, Blaxploitation and Drug movies. Fully updated and revised with new reviews and new illustrations.

Fuck Machine

Author : Charles Bukowski
Publisher : S. Fischer Verlag
Page : 134 pages
File Size : 17,2 MB
Release : 2019-07-24
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 3104910596


»Ich mochte die Welt nicht, aber in ruhigen und beschaulichen Augenblicken konnte man sie fast verstehen.« Charles Bukowski Charles Bukowskis Stories sind aggressiv, grausam und obszön, aber auch außerordentlich witzig. Sie schildern brutal realistisch die Kehrseite des American Dream, so wie er sich in den Slums, Absteigen, Bars, Hurenhäusern und Schlachthöfen abspielt.

The Most Beautiful Woman in Town

Author : Charles Bukowski
Publisher : City Lights Publishers
Page : 240 pages
File Size : 17,4 MB
Release : 2013-06-15
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 087286636X


These mad immortal stories, now surfaced from the literary underground, have addicted legions of American readers, even though the high literary establishment continues to ignore them. In Europe, however (particularly in Germany, Italy, and France where he is published by the great publishing houses), he is critically recognized as one of America's greatest realist writers. "Collections such as The Most Beautiful Woman in Town (1983) . . . showcase Bukowski's impressive narrative and creative abilities in stories that most often take place in bars and dingy apartments but are not simply about sex and alcohol. They're about staying alive in a world where the only choice for the majority of us is to face a firing squad in an office every day—the post office, in Bukowski's case—or maintain a commitment to creativity as we struggle to pay for food and a meager place to live." —Adam Perry, Santa Fe Reporter Charles Bukowski was born in Andernach, Germany on August 16, 1920, the only child of an American soldier and a German mother. At the age of three, he came with his family to the United States and grew up in Los Angeles. He attended Los Angeles City College from 1939 to 1941, then left school and moved to New York City to become a writer. His lack of publishing success at this time caused him to give up writing in 1946 and spurred a ten-year stint of heavy drinking. After he developed a bleeding ulcer, he decided to take up writing again. He worked a wide range of jobs to support his writing, including dishwasher, truck driver and loader, mail carrier, guard, gas station attendant, stock boy, warehouse worker, shipping clerk, post office clerk, parking lot attendant, Red Cross orderly, and elevator operator. He also worked in a dog biscuit factory, a slaughterhouse, a cake and cookie factory, and he hung posters in New York City subways. Bukowski published his first story when he was twenty-four and began writing poetry at the age of thirty-five. His first book of poetry was published in 1959; he went on to publish more than forty-five books of poetry and prose, including Pulp (Black Sparrow, 1994), Screams from the Balcony: Selected Letters 1960-1970 (1993), and The Last Night of the Earth Poems (1992). City Lights Publishers have published more of his works including Absence of a the Hero, Portions of a Wine-Stained Notebook, Notes of a Dirty Old Man, Tales of Ordinary Madness, and The Bell Tolls for No One. He died of leukemia in San Pedro on March 9, 1994.

Encyclopedia of Beat Literature

Author : Kurt Hemmer
Publisher : Infobase Publishing
Page : 414 pages
File Size : 35,69 MB
Release : 2010-05-12
Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN : 1438109083


Discusses the literary works and great authors of the Beat Generation.