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The Myth of Harm

Author : Sarah Cleary
Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Page : 297 pages
File Size : 27,80 MB
Release : 2022-12-01
Category : Performing Arts
ISBN : 1501378279


The horror genre has endured a long and controversial success within popular culture. Fraught with accusations pertaining to its alleged ability to harm and corrupt young people and indeed society as a whole, the genre is constantly under pressure to suppress that which has made it so popular to begin with - its ability to frighten and generate discussion about society's darker side. Recognising the circularity of patterns in each generational manifestation of horror censorship, The Myth of Harm draws upon cases such as the Slenderman stabbing and the James Bulger murder amongst many others in order to explore the manner in which horror has been repeatedly cast as a harmful influence upon children at the expense of scrutinising other more complex social issues. Focusing on five major controversies beginning in the 1930's Golden Age of Horror Cinema and ending on a more contemporary note with Cyber-Gothic horror – this book identifies and considers the various myths and false hoods surrounding the genre of horror and question the very motivation behind the proliferation and dissemination of these myths as scapegoats for political and social issues, platforms for “moral entrepreneurs” and tools of hyperbolae for the news industry.

Meeting the Other in Norse Myth and Legend

Author : John McKinnell
Publisher : DS Brewer
Page : 308 pages
File Size : 39,78 MB
Release : 2005
Category : Literary Criticism
ISBN : 9781843840428


Close examination of the significant theme of other-worldly encounters in Norse myth and legend, including giantesses, monsters and the Dead. A particular, recurring feature of Old Norse myths and legends is an encounter between creatures of This World [gods and human beings] and those of the Other [giants, giantesses, dwarves, prophetesses, monsters and the dead]. Concentrating on cross-gendered encounters, this book analyses these meetings, and the different motifs and situations they encompass, from the consultation of a prophetess by a king or god, to sexual liaisons and return from the dead. It considers the evidence for their pre-Christian origins, discusses how far individual poets and prose writers were free to modify them, and suggests that they survived in medieval Christian society because [like folk-tale] they provide a non-dogmatic way of resolving social and psychological problems connected with growing up, succession from one generation to the next, sexual relationships and bereavement.

Memory, Myth, and Seduction

Author : Jean-Georges Schimek
Publisher : Taylor & Francis
Page : 275 pages
File Size : 24,82 MB
Release : 2011-03
Category : Psychology
ISBN : 1135191891


Memory, Myth, and Seduction reveals the development and evolution of Jean-Georges Schimek's thinking on unconscious fantasy and the interpretive process derived from a close reading of Freud as well as contemporary psychoanalysis. Contributing richly to North American psychoanalytic thought, Schimek challenges local views from the perspective of continental discourse. A practicing psychoanalyst, teacher, and consummate Freud scholar, Schimek sought to clarify Freud's concepts and theories and to disentangle complexities borne of inconsistencies in Freud's assumptions and expositions. This book is divided thematically into three sections. The first concerns fantasy and interpretation as they play out in the analytic situation, and the manner in which analyst and patient coconstruct meaning and reconstruct and recover memory. The second consists of two seminal papers which provide the sequence of steps in the five revisions in Freud's seduction theory. Schimek's careful scholarship lays out the data of Freud's writing, which allows one to draw one's own conclusions about the implications of the changes in the theory that he made. In the third, more theoretical section, he provides a foundation for understanding many of today's discussions about unconscious fantasy, dreaming, remembering, consciousness, affect, self-reflection, mentalization, and implicit relational knowing. He clarifies and illustrates Freud's original formulations (and their inherent problems) through a careful reading of sections of The Interpretation of Dreams, and a study of Freud's famous Signorelli parapraxis. Skillfully arranged and carefully edited by Deborah Browning and including a foreword by Alan Bass, this collection of Schimek's published and unpublished papers will be of interest to practicing psychoanalysts, psychoanalytically-oriented psychotherapists, and students of the history of ideas and philosophy who have a particular interest in fantasy, interpretation, and Freud.

The War of the Gods (RLE Myth)

Author : Jarich G. Oosten
Publisher : Routledge
Page : 206 pages
File Size : 17,92 MB
Release : 2015-03-05
Category : Literary Criticism
ISBN : 131755583X


This structural analysis of myth, first published in 1985, focuses on social and political problems of Indo-European mythology. Dr Jarich Oosten tells how the ancient Indo-European gods competed for supreme power and the exclusive possession of the sacred potion of wisdom and immortality. In examining the social code of the wars of the gods, he reveals that there are remarkably consistent patterns in time and space: paternal relatives, equals at first, prove unable to share power, magic goods, etc; while some gods retain their divine status as an exclusive prerogative, their brothers or paternal cousins are transformed into demons; relatives by marriage, however, who are unequal at first, succeed in sharing power and magic goods, and thus become equal partners in the pantheon. Dr Oosten describes how the ancient mythological cycles were broken down and transformed into heroic sagas and epics, and shows how many traditionally related themes – the severed head, the magic cauldron – were preserved. Gradually the political problems of kingship came to overshadow the social problems of kinship, as in the development of the myths of King Arthur. Dr Oosten argues that the social code remains basically the same, and his analysis of this code gives a fascinating perspective on the development of Indo-European mythology from the oldest written sources to the comparatively recent faitytales.

The Myth of American Democracy

Author : Trenton Fervor
Publisher : iUniverse
Page : 264 pages
File Size : 24,42 MB
Release : 2013-04-10
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 1475981015


In his current work, Trenton Fervor—author of The Last Individual: The Ascendancy of the Sociomaniacal Mindset—delivers a critical exposition of democracy and its defects. The Myth of American Democracy is an unapologetic critique of the American political system and an attempt to dismantle the mystique perpetuated to sanctify and sanction it. Fervor entreats the reader to reexamine the notion of democracy and its attendant processes—absent the sophistic demagoguery—and to more closely consider the actual nature of the institution, and the establishment behemoth which inhabits and advances it. The reader is encouraged to confront the myth and deception which pervade the contemporary conception of democracy, and to accept the reality that the democratic emperor is naked. Democracy today is in truth fundamentally absurd: its premise is that an ideologically coherent, consistent, and efficient social policy program can be constructed by formulating each aspect of the overall program through a process of majoritarian amalgamation of contradictory, incongruent, and confrontational views. The Myth of American Democracy is an important rebuke of conventional democratic orthodoxy which will challenge readers to reevaluate their sympathies for the system. This book is recommended reading for everyone who has wrestled with the troubling suspicion that there is something inherently dubious and defective about the democratic system.

Routledge Library Editions: Myth

Author : Various Authors
Publisher : Taylor & Francis
Page : 1142 pages
File Size : 15,19 MB
Release : 2022-07-30
Category : Literary Criticism
ISBN : 1317548612


Routledge Library Editions: Myth reissues four out-of-print classics that touch on various aspects of mythology. One book looks at the work of Martin Buber on myth, and another on the school of Gernet classicists. Another book studies comparative mythology and the work of Joseph Campbell, and the last book in the set looks at the role of the gods and their stories in Indo-European mythology. 1. Martin Buber on Myth S. Daniel Breslauer (1990) 2. The Methods of the Gernet Classicists: The Structuralists on Myth Roland A. Champagne (1992) 3. The Uses of Comparative Mythology Kenneth L. Golden (1992) 4. The War of the Gods Jarich G. Oosten (1985)

Myths on the Margins

Author : William Loader
Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers
Page : 127 pages
File Size : 19,95 MB
Release : 2022-09-21
Category : Religion
ISBN : 1666735841


Can myths be true? Hiding behind their unreality is often deep meaning waiting to be uncovered. This book explores four myths first found on the margins of Israel’s faith. Over time these myths became major resources for understanding and articulating faith. They began as stories of wicked angels, kings claiming to be gods, and women whom men should fear. They then developed to become sources of deep insight. They helped open up our understanding of sin and suffering, of Christ as servant king, and of the Word and Wisdom of God incarnate. Like imaginative works of art, which can communicate truth in ways that photographs cannot, these myths adorn the halls of faith and invite wonder and engagement.

Hebrew Myths

Author : Robert Graves
Publisher : Rosetta Books
Page : 414 pages
File Size : 32,27 MB
Release : 2014-05-15
Category : Religion
ISBN : 0795337159


The I, Claudius author’s “lightning sharp interpretations and insights . . . are here brought to bear with equal effectiveness on the Book of Genesis” (Kirkus Reviews). This is a comprehensive look at the stories that make up the Old Testament and the Jewish religion, including the folk tales, apocryphal texts, midrashes, and other little-known documents that the Old Testament and the Torah do not include. In this exhaustive study, Robert Graves provides a fascinating account of pre-Biblical texts that have been censored, suppressed, and hidden for centuries, and which now emerge to give us a clearer view of Hebrew myth and religion than ever. Venerable classicist and historian Robert Graves recounts the ancient Hebrew stories, both obscure and familiar, with a rich sense of storytelling, culture, and spirituality. This book is sure to be riveting to students of Jewish or Judeo-Christian history, culture, and religion.

Uses of Comparative Mythology (RLE Myth)

Author : Kenneth L. Golden
Publisher : Routledge
Page : 290 pages
File Size : 28,76 MB
Release : 2015-03-05
Category : Literary Criticism
ISBN : 1317550862


This collection, first published in 1992, offers critical-interpretive essays on various aspects of the work of Joseph Campbell (1904-1987), one of a very few international experts on myth. Joseph Campbell examines myths and mythologies from a comparative point of view, and he stresses those similarities among myths the world over as they suggest an existing, transcendent unity of all humankind. His interpretations foster an openness, even a generous appreciation of, all myths; and he attempts to generate a broad, sympathetic understanding of the role of these ‘stories’ in human history, in our present-day lives, and in the possibilities of our future.

Myth and Mythmaking

Author : Julia Leslie
Publisher : Routledge
Page : 204 pages
File Size : 48,57 MB
Release : 2014-02-04
Category : Social Science
ISBN : 1136778888


Essays focusing on some of the ways in which myths have been made, and made to function, in the rich cultural history of India from the dawn of history through to the present day.