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The SAGE Handbook of Aging, Work and Society

Author : John Field
Publisher : SAGE
Page : 560 pages
File Size : 29,69 MB
Release : 2013-09-19
Category : Social Science
ISBN : 1446294153


Aging has emerged as a major and urgent issue for individuals, organisations and governments of our time. In this well-timed and comprehensive handbook, key international contributors to the field of study come together to create a definitive map of the subject. Framed by an authoritative introductory chapter, the SAGE Handbook of Aging, Work and Society offers a critical overview of the most significant themes and topics, with discussions of current research, theoretical controversies and emerging issues, divided into sections covering: Key Issues and Challenges The Aging Workforce Managing an Aging Workforce Living in an Aging Society Developing Public Policy

The SAGE Handbook of Research in International Education

Author : Mary Hayden
Publisher : SAGE
Page : 657 pages
File Size : 44,22 MB
Release : 2015-10-13
Category : Education
ISBN : 1473943515


The landscape of international education has changed significantly in the last ten years and our understanding of concepts such as ‘international’, ′global′ and ‘multicultural’ are being re-evaluated. Fully updated and revised, and now including new contributions from research in South East Asia, the Middle East, China, Japan, Australasia, and North America, the new edition of this handbook analyses the origins, interpretations and contributions of international education and explores key contemporary developments, including: internationalism in the context of teaching and learning leadership, standards and quality in institutions and systems of education the promotion of internationalism in national systems This important collection of research is an essential resource for anyone involved in the practice and academic study of international education, including researchers and teachers in universities, governmental and private curriculum development agencies, examination authorities, administrators and teachers in schools.

The SAGE Handbook of Propaganda

Author : Paul Baines
Publisher : SAGE
Page : 896 pages
File Size : 27,26 MB
Release : 2019-11-25
Category : Social Science
ISBN : 1526486237


The SAGE Handbook of Propaganda unpacks the ever-present and exciting topic of propaganda to explain how it invades the human psyche, in what ways it does so, and in what contexts. As a beguiling tool of political persuasion in times of war, peace, and uncertainty, propaganda incites people to take, often violent, action, consciously or unconsciously. This pervasive influence is particularly prevalent in world politics and international relations today. In this interdisciplinary Handbook, the editors have gathered together a group of world-class scholars from Europe, America, Asia, and the Middle East, to discuss leadership propaganda, war propaganda, propaganda for peace marketing, propaganda as a psychological tool, terror-enhanced propaganda, and the contemporary topics of internet-mediated propaganda. Unlike previous publications on the subject, this book brings to the forefront current manifestations and processes of propaganda such as Islamist, and Far Right propaganda, from interdisciplinary perspectives. In its four parts, the Handbook offers researchers and academics of propaganda studies, peace and conflict studies, media and communication studies, political science and governance marketing, as well as intelligence and law enforcement communities, a comprehensive overview of the tools and context of the development and evolution of propaganda from the twentieth century to the present: Part One: Concepts, Precepts and Techniques in Propaganda Research Part Two: Methodological Approaches in Propaganda Research Part Three: Tools and Techniques in Counter-Propaganda Research Part Four: Propaganda in Context

Against the Sun

Author : Kat Martin
Publisher : MIRA
Page : 398 pages
File Size : 50,12 MB
Release : 2012-05-29
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 0778313506


When she tries to prove to her new bodyguard, Jake Cantrell, that he is wrong to be suspicious about a deal between the company she works for and some Saudi businessmen, Sage Dumont discovers a deadly plot.

Against the Sun & Veiled Intentions

Author : Kat Martin
Publisher : Harlequin
Page : 640 pages
File Size : 31,23 MB
Release : 2018-09-25
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 1488097267


BESTSELLING AUTHOR COLLECTION Reader-favorite romances in collectible volumes from our bestselling authors. EXTREME EXPOSURE It’s not in bodyguard Jake Cantrell’s job description to share his suspicions with his assignments. Beautiful executive Sage Dumont may be in charge, but Jake’s not on her payroll. As a former Special Forces marine, Jake trusts his gut, and it’s telling him there’s something off about a shipment arriving at Marine Drilling International. His instinct is aroused…in more ways than one. A savvy businesswoman, Sage knows better than to take some hired gun’s “hunch” as gospel. And yet she is learning not to underestimate the man her grandfather hired to protect her. Determined to prove Jake wrong, Sage does some digging of her own and turns up deadly details she was never meant to see. Drawn into a terrifying web of lies and deceit—and into feelings they can’t afford to explore—what Jake and Sage uncover may be frighteningly worse than they ever imagined. FREE BONUS STORY INCLUDED IN THIS VOLUME! Veiled Intentions by USA TODAY bestselling author Delores Fossen Detective Katelyn O’Malley must work with hotshot Sergeant Joe Rico, her new boss—and fake fiancé—to draw out a deadly killer. Saying “I do” has never been so dangerous. Previously published.

Slow Cooker: The Best Cookbook Ever with More Than 400 Easy-to-Make Recipes

Author : Diane Phillips
Publisher : Chronicle Books
Page : 545 pages
File Size : 22,47 MB
Release : 2011-10-21
Category : Cooking
ISBN : 145210297X


Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and desserts—at the push of a button—from Huevos Rancheros to Brats ‘n’ Beer, Cajun Chicken Gumbo to Orange-Spiced Coffee. This is the only slow cooker book for busy people. With over four hundred recipes, it saves time and money week after week with easy meals that keep one eating well at home every day. From Old-Fashioned Chicken Pot Pie to Mexican Hot Chocolate Lava Cake, this cookbook contains recipes for everything from soups and roasts to cobblers and puddings, inspiring night after night of great meals. Prep a few ingredients, toss them in the pot, and let the cooker work its magic while you’re gone for the day. Return to a slow-cooked, deeply flavored, great-smelling dinner for you and your family—every night!

A Nursery Rhyme Mystery - Boxed Set

Author : Lee Strauss
Publisher : La Plume Press
Page : 679 pages
File Size : 31,34 MB
Release : 2016-03-25
Category :


3 Killer Nursery Rhymes GINGERBREAD MAN When that cute chick you met online is murdered- but shows up for your next internet meeting anyway. Marlow's just a regular geeky college freshman with little to no experience with girls, so when he has a semi-flirtatious chat with a cute girl online, it's almost more than his nerves can handle. Then the girl is brutally murdered. Or is she? Marlow finds himself teamed up with intelligent and savvy Sage Farrell, a girl so far out of his league he feels blinded in her presence - literally - damned glasses! Together they work to find the identity of @gingerbreadman. Can they stop the killer before he strikes in more worlds than one? *** FRINGE meets ELEMENTARY in this Science Fiction Mystery Romantic Suspense by Amazon best-selling author Lee Strauss. LIFE IS BUT A DREAM When danger lurks in your sleep... dreams aren't real unless they are when someone wants to watch you drown you better pay attention Sage and Marlow are reunited in this second book of A Nursery Rhyme Suspense serial series. When Sage's dreams merge with Marlow's they know something strange is connecting them. But when the drowning dreams start to come true, Sage wonders if she can prevent her own death. HICKORY DICKORY DOCK When the Future is Murder. After a tumultuous freshman year at Detroit University, Marlow Henry and Sage Farrell look forward to a calm, uneventful summer break. Not gonna happen. Before Marlow can even make his blossoming relationship with Dakota official, Sage pulls him into her new discovery - a math equation that opens a window in time and space. Then they witness a murder. Fate pulls them into a war-torn and deserted version of Marlow's neighbourhood where they are forced to help a rebel group counterattack. The group's ethics are questionable and Marlow has a personal reason to distrust the leader. Plus, members of their small community keep dying. The situation is more dire and twisted than Marlow and Sage can imagine. No one is safe. No one can be trusted. They don't even trust each other. How can they save the world, if they can't save themselves? Keywords: teenage angst, teen romance, family issues, crush, family issues, mystery, murder, internet, chat room, spy, ethics, Detroit University, freshman, romance, killer, captive, kidnapping, kidnap, hostage, geek, beauty, popular, college, university, time warp, alternate reality, war, math, philosophy, time, space, dreams, drowning, danger, cute chick, nursery rhyme, suspense, gingerbread man

Teaching Tech-Savvy Kids

Author : Jessica K. Parker
Publisher : Corwin Press
Page : 217 pages
File Size : 12,95 MB
Release : 2010-05-03
Category : Education
ISBN : 1452258856


Students are plugged in, powered up, and connected. Are you? The author gives teachers a deeper understanding of the dynamic potential for increasing student learning through digital media. Based on a three-year study of youth and their use of new media, this teacher-friendly resource includes: Descriptions of digital tools such as social networking platforms, YouTube, Wikipedia, virtual worlds, digital music, and more Vignettes about how young people use digital media Sidebars debunking common myths about technology Advice about navigating digital media for both novice and expert teachers Pedagogical implications and practices, including sample activities

Wandering at Ease in the Zhuangzi

Author : Roger T. Ames
Publisher : State University of New York Press
Page : 252 pages
File Size : 37,65 MB
Release : 2016-02-24
Category : History
ISBN : 0791494713


Chinese philosophy specialists examine the Zhuangzi, a third century B.C.E. Daoist classic, in this collection of interpretive essays. The Zhuangzi is a celebration of human creativity—its language is lucid and opaque; its images are darkly brilliant; its ideas are seriously playful. Without question, it is one of the most challenging achievements of human literary culture. Thematically, the Zhuangzi offers diverse insights into how to develop an appropriate and productive attitude to one's life in this world. Resourced over the centuries by Chinese artists and intellectuals alike, this text has provoked a commentarial tradition that rivals any masterpiece of world literature. Wandering at Ease in the Zhuangzi continues the interpretive tradition as Western scholars shed light on selected passages from the difficult text, offering the needed mediation between available translations of the Zhuangzi and the reader's process of understanding. Taken as a whole, this anthology is a primer on how to read the Zhuangzi.

Dao Companion to the Philosophy of Mencius

Author : Yang Xiao
Publisher : Springer Nature
Page : 702 pages
File Size : 31,58 MB
Release : 2023-04-11
Category : Philosophy
ISBN : 3031276205


This book is about the philosophical, historical, and interpretative aspects of Mencius. It explores his influence, reception, and relevance in China from the third century BCE to the present, as well as offers comparative studies of Mencius and major figures in the history of Chinese and Western philosophy. With 34 accessible articles written by leading philosophers and scholars, the Dao Companion to the Philosophy of Mencius provides both broad pictures and in-depth discussions regarding the work of one of the most important and influential Chinese philosophers. It covers his normative ethics, meta-ethics, political philosophy, epistemology and moral psychology. The last section of the volume, “Mencius and Western Philosophers: Comparative Perspectives,” explicitly puts him in dialogue with major Western philosophers. The Dao Companion to the Philosophy of Mencius serves as an essential volume for college students, graduate students, and scholars who study and teach Mencius as well as Chinese philosophy and comparative philosophy in general.​