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Here’s the latest in technology (well, something new that’s been around for a while), the Keep ‘n Gauge 1. It’s a portable video baby monitor with a selection of features that no other monitor has. And to think that it’s been around for over a year.

Why is this monitor so popular? Let me count the reasons…

1. Demand of the sensor pads. As you probably know, all baby video monitors carry some type of “sensory pads”. There’s usually a cardboard center to indicate a sensor pad, and attached to that is a slab of flexible plastics for the pads, extending up to a few hundred feet around. They’re cooled by flowing air. That sound expensive! What the latest Keep ‘n Gauge offers is a sensor pad that’s like a finger hose, surfacing from its transmitter in the form of a cylinder. There’s usually a small fan linked to a small fan within the cylinder that feeds air from its Thermometer/Checkup Plugs, and into the cylinder itself.

Actually, the latest instrument toddler monitor has farther auction exclusivity that most others. Only companies that develop cameras, have the right to use this brand name.

Beyond the Infants:

2. Two-way talk back. Not every monitor has this feature. The new Keep ‘n Gauge takes advantage of two-way communication in the future. This means you can talk to the receiver via the receiver unit, and you can also tell the unit which external unit the sensor is connected to, via the receiver unit. If two people in your home have video baby monitors, you would benefit greatly from this feature, and this is just one of the many reasons I love the Keep ‘n Gauge 1.

As you may know, not everyone has an infant as part of their lives. These days, studies have been conducted that show that children under age 2 can start to realize segmented thoughts and emotions early in their lives. The Keep ‘n Gauge 1 is programmed with features to encourage children to view their feelings properly, and simultaneously to reap intelligence growth through good interaction with an external observer (the parent in this case). Oh, and the receiver unit can actually adjust sensitivity so children can hear a verbal message without being told so.

Of course, other parents have reported vendor supplied audio monitors do not possess this feature. For example, no such monitor was provided to me personally, when I purchased the BebeSounds My Baby World monitor. I didn’t find out about this feature later, and felt very awkward (and possibly somewhat “deaf”) when the vendor hadn’t provided a 2-way talk back feature on their initial book purchase.

Yes, the video camera mounted in the nursery room is by itself in an enclosed area with “no” sound limit nor direct video monitors. This is a great feature not all monitors utilize perfectly. Of course, what makes this monitor different is the sensor pads that can detect even the slightest movements from infants.

But the monitor can detect any movement, so the elders can move the infant’s unit with the monitor still in their vicinity. With my moms in the next room I had several of these blankets in!

Also, as my grandparents continue to age, they seem more attuned to my infant’s movements than my little digits, so this little device helps them cope with trying to understand the “new cousins.”

3. And it’s great fun! In fact, you can purchase several of these sensors all together. The cool thing about keeping on the lookout for hidden dangers are they can be set to adjust sensitivity periodically, allowing for shifting between day and night time.

While my one grandma still lives with me, we have continued to be in communication with the unit via texting via the remote control unit.

So if you’re so inclined, don’t overlook the Keep ‘n Gauge 1 monitor when shopping for your infant safety monitors!

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Benjamin Burton

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