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Hamilton Songbook

Author :
Publisher : Hal Leonard Corporation
Page : 41 pages
File Size : 10,20 MB
Release : 2017-01-01
Category : Music
ISBN : 1495090957


(Strum & Sing Guitar). Hamilton : unplugged and pared-down to get to the simple eloquence and genius of the songs. This unique collection features ten songs from the Broadway smash presented with just guitar chords and lyrics. These easy-to-play arrangements are designed for both aspiring and professional musicians. Titles include: Alexander Hamilton * Burn * Dear Theodosia * Hurricane * It's Quiet Uptown * My Shot * One Last Time * That Would Be Enough * Wait for It * You'll Be Back.

Prayers from the Heart

Author : Francis K. F. Iselowo
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
Page : pages
File Size : 30,44 MB
Release : 2011-02-07
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781456805531


Beginning Portable Shell Scripting

Author : Peter Seebach
Publisher : Apress
Page : 377 pages
File Size : 30,10 MB
Release : 2008-11-21
Category : Computers
ISBN : 1430210435


Portable shell scripting is the future of modern Linux, OS X, and Unix command–line access. Beginning Portable Shell Scripting: From Novice to Professional teaches shell scripting by using the common core of most shells and expands those principles to all of scripting. You will learn about portable scripting and how to use the same syntax and design principles for all shells. You’ll discover about the interaction between shells and other scripting languages like Ruby and Python, and everything you learn will be shown in context for Linux, OS X, bash, and AppleScript. What you’ll learn This book will prime you on not just shell scripting, but also the modern context of portable shell scripting. You will learn The core Linux/OS X shell constructs from a portability point of view How to write scripts that write other scripts, and how to write macros and debug them How to write and design shell script portably from the ground up How to use programmable utilities and their inherent portability to your advantage, while pinpointing potential traps Pulling everything together, how to engineer scripts that play well with Python and Ruby, and even run on embedded systems Who this book is for This book is for system administrators, programmers, and testers working across Linux, OS X, and the Unix command line. Table of Contents Introduction to Shell Scripting Patterns and Regular Expressions Basic Shell Scripting Core Shell Features Explained Shells Within Shells Invocation and Execution Shell Language Portability Utility Portability Bringing It All Together Shell Script Design Mixing and Matching


Author : Ezekiel Umo Ette, Ph.D.
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
Page : 525 pages
File Size : 14,52 MB
Release : 2009-06-30
Category : Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN : 1462814883


Prof. Ette is a graduate of Methodist Secondary School, Nto Ndang, Ikot Ekpene and the College of Education Uyo in Nigeria. He obtained the Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga before enrolling in theological studies at Emory University in Atlanta, GA where he obtained the M.Div. degree. He did further graduate work in Gerontology at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia and at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon where he obtained both the MSW and the Ph.D degrees. He has worked in the area of mental health and in various community projects. Dr. Ette is an ordained pastor and has served several Methodist and Baptist churches in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. His research and writing interests are in the areas of immigration, community development, spirituality and culture. He is currently a professor of Social Work at Northwest Nazarene University in Nampa, Idaho, USA.

Psalm CXXV to CL

Author : Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Publisher :
Page : 540 pages
File Size : 36,35 MB
Release : 1886
Category :


Being Still and Knowing

Author : Tony Dale
Publisher : Xulon Press
Page : 78 pages
File Size : 47,60 MB
Release : 2005-11
Category : Religion
ISBN : 1597817309


Django 4 By Example

Author : Antonio Melé
Publisher : Packt Publishing Ltd
Page : 767 pages
File Size : 37,28 MB
Release : 2022-08-29
Category : Computers
ISBN : 1801810443


Learn to create fully functional web applications with authentication, content management systems, payment processing, RESTful APIs, and more Purchase of the print or Kindle book includes a free eBook in PDF format. Key FeaturesImplement advanced functionalities, such as full-text search engines, user activity streams, payment gateways, and recommendation enginesIntegrate JavaScript, PostgreSQL, Redis, Celery, and Memcached into your applicationsAdd real-time features with Django Channels and WebSocketsBook Description Django 4 By Example is the 4th edition of the best-selling franchise that helps you build web apps. This book will walk you through the creation of real-world applications, solving common problems, and implementing best practices using a step-by-step approach. You'll cover a wide range of web app development topics as you build four different apps: A blog application: Create data models, views, and URLs and implement an admin site for your blog. Create sitemaps and RSS feeds and implement a full-text search engine with PostgreSQL. A social website: Implement authentication with Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Create user profiles, image thumbnails, a bookmarklet, and an activity stream. Implement a user follower system and add infinite scroll pagination to your website. An e-commerce application: Build a product catalog, a shopping cart, and asynchronous tasks with Celery and RabbitMQ. Process payments with Stripe and manage payment notifications via webhooks. Build a product recommendation engine with Redis. Create PDF invoices and export orders to CSV. An e-learning platform: Create a content management system to manage polymorphic content. Cache content with Memcached and Redis. Build and consume a RESTful API. Implement a real-time chat using WebSockets with ASGI. Create a production environment using NGINX, uWSGI and Daphne with Docker Compose. This is a practical book that will have you creating web apps quickly. What you will learnLearn Django essentials, including models, ORM, views, templates, URLs, forms, authentication, signals and middlewareImplement different modules of the Django framework to solve specific problemsIntegrate third-party Django applications into your projectBuild asynchronous (ASGI) applications with DjangoSet up a production environment for your projectsEasily create complex web applications to solve real use casesWho this book is for This book is for readers with basic Python knowledge and programmers transitioning from other web frameworks who wish to learn Django by doing. If you already use Django or have in the past, and want to learn best practices and integrate other technologies to scale your applications, then this book is for you too. This book will help you master the most relevant areas of the framework by building practical projects from scratch. Some previous knowledge of HTML and JavaScript is assumed.

True Christianity

Author : Johann Arndt
Publisher : BoD – Books on Demand
Page : 853 pages
File Size : 44,7 MB
Release : 2019-09-25
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 3734076463


Reproduction of the original: True Christianity by Johann Arndt

The Funny Thing about Norman Foreman

Author : Julietta Henderson
Publisher : Random House
Page : 368 pages
File Size : 37,10 MB
Release : 2021-01-07
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 1473594480


---- 'One of those gorgeous books that completely lifts your spirits and restores your faith in humanity' - Ruth Jones, co-creator of Gavin and Stacey and bestselling author of Us Three ---- It was a journey they would always remember . . . for a friend they'd never forget. Norman and Jax are a legendary comedic duo in waiting, with a five-year plan to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe by the time they're fifteen. But when Jax dies before they turn twelve, Norman decides a tribute act for his best friend just can't wait, so he rewrites their plan: 1. Look after mum | 2. Find Dad | 3. Get to the Edinburgh Fringe Sadie knows she won't win Mother of the Year and she's not proud she doesn't know who her son's father is. But when she finds Norman's list, all she wants is to see her son smile again... So they set off on a pilgrimage to Edinburgh, making a few stops to find Norman's dad along the way. The Funny Thing about Norman Foreman is an inspiring, feel-good novel about a small boy with a big heart - and even bigger dreams. ---- 'Tender and hilarious... the perfect tonic for our current times' - Katherine Parkinson 'Charming, funny and cheering' Beth Morrey, author of Saving Missy 'He's wheedled his way into my heart, and I suspect I'll have a Norman-shaped hole there forever' - Clare Pooley, author of The Authenticity Project Readers are in love with Norman: ***** 'An amazing book of determination and not giving up when things are difficult' ***** 'Norman is one of the most lovable characters I have ever met' ***** 'This books breaks your heart in one sentence and makes you laugh the next'


Author : SJS Editorial
Publisher : Author S.Frost
Page : 111 pages
File Size : 25,72 MB
Release :
Category : Fiction


Do you pray? Do you believe in a higher power? If not, you better find faith when you come across me. I’m like a thief in the night. I embrace the monster, the darkness that engulfs me. Call me Michele. Call me Amedeo. Whatever you call me, it will be the last name you scream before meeting your maker. Deception will take you on a twisty mafia ride of love and deceit. Not everyone is who they appear to be.