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The Briar Club

Author : Kate Quinn
Publisher : HarperCollins
Page : 281 pages
File Size : 39,45 MB
Release : 2024-07-09
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 0063244764


The New York Times bestselling author of The Diamond Eye and The Rose Code returns with a haunting and powerful story of female friendships and secrets in a Washington, DC, boardinghouse during the McCarthy era. Washington, DC, 1950. Everyone keeps to themselves at Briarwood House, a down-at-the-heels all-female boardinghouse in the heart of the nation’s capital where secrets hide behind white picket fences. But when the lovely, mysterious widow Grace March moves into the attic room, she draws her oddball collection of neighbors into unlikely friendship: poised English beauty Fliss, whose facade of perfect wife and mother covers gaping inner wounds; policeman’s daughter Nora, who finds herself entangled with a shadowy gangster; frustrated baseball star Beatrice, whose career has come to an end along with the women’s baseball league of WWII; and poisonous, gung-ho Arlene, who has thrown herself into McCarthy’s Red Scare. Grace’s weekly attic-room dinner parties and window-brewed sun tea become a healing balm on all their lives, but she hides a terrible secret of her own. When a shocking act of violence tears the house apart, the Briar Club women must decide once and for all: who is the true enemy in their midst? Capturing the paranoia of the McCarthy era and evoking the changing roles for women in postwar America, The Briar Club is an intimate and thrilling novel of secrets and loyalty put to the test. A beautiful, foil cover, first edition.

Iron House

Author : John Hart
Publisher : Macmillan
Page : 432 pages
File Size : 17,39 MB
Release : 2011-07-12
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 1429990317


An old man is dying. When the old man is dead they will come for him. And they will come for her, to make him hurt. John Hart has written three New York Times bestsellers and won an unprecedented two back-to-back Edgar Awards. His books have been called "masterful" (Jeffery Deaver) and "gripping" (People) with "Grisham-style intrigue and Turow-style brooding" (The New York Times). Now he delivers his fourth novel—a gut-wrenching, heart-stopping thriller no reader will soon forget. HE WOULD GO TO HELL At the Iron Mountain Home for Boys, there was nothing but time. Time to burn and time to kill, time for two young orphans to learn that life isn't won without a fight. Julian survives only because his older brother, Michael, is fearless and fiercely protective. When tensions boil over and a boy is brutally killed, there is only one sacrifice left for Michael to make: He flees the orphanage and takes the blame with him. TO KEEP HER SAFE For two decades, Michael has been an enforcer in New York's world of organized crime, a prince of the streets so widely feared he rarely has to kill anymore. But the life he's fought to build unravels when he meets Elena, a beautiful innocent who teaches him the meaning and power of love. He wants a fresh start with her, the chance to start a family like the one he and Julian never had. But someone else is holding the strings. And escape is not that easy. . . . GO TO HELL, AND COME BACK BURNING The mob boss who gave Michael his blessing to begin anew is dying, and his son is intent on making Michael pay for his betrayal. Determined to protect the ones he loves, Michael spirits Elena—who knows nothing of his past crimes, or the peril he's laid at her door— back to North Carolina, to the place he was born and the brother he lost so long ago. There, he will encounter a whole new level of danger, a thicket of deceit and violence that leads inexorably to the one place he's been running from his whole life: Iron House. Now with an excerpt of John Hart's next book The Hush, available in February 2018.

The Briar King

Author : Greg Keyes
Publisher : Del Rey
Page : 610 pages
File Size : 40,41 MB
Release : 2008-12-24
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 0307565637


“A wonderful tale . . . It crackles with suspense and excitement from start to finish.”—Terry Brooks Two thousand years ago, the Born Queen defeated the Skasloi lords, freeing humans from the bitter yoke of slavery. But now monstrous creatures roam the land—and destinies become inextricably entangled in a drama of power and seduction. The king’s woodsman, a rebellious girl, a young priest, a roguish adventurer, and a young man made suddenly into a knight—all face malevolent forces that shake the foundations of the kingdom, even as the Briar King, legendary harbinger of death, awakens from his slumber. At the heart of this many-layered tale is Anne Dare, youngest daughter of the royal family . . . upon whom the fate of her world may depend. Praise for The Briar King “Starts off with a bang, spinning a snare of terse imagery and compelling characters that grips tightly and never lets up. . . . A graceful, artful tale from a master storyteller.”—Elizabeth Haydon, bestselling author of Prophecy: Child of Earth “The characters in The Briar King absolutely brim with life. . . . Keyes hooked me from the first page,and I’ll now be eagerly anticipating sitting down with each future volume of the Kingdoms of Thorn and Bone series.”—Charles de Lint, award-winning author of Forests of the Heartand The Onion Girl “A thrill ride to the end, with plenty of treachery, revelation, and even a few bombshell surprises.”—Monroe News-Star (LA)

The Official Preppy Handbook

Author : Lisa Birnbach
Publisher : Workman Publishing
Page : 228 pages
File Size : 30,29 MB
Release : 1980
Category : Education
ISBN : 9780894801402


Club Director

Author :
Publisher :
Page : 368 pages
File Size : 14,23 MB
Release : 2008
Category : Club


Red Scare

Author : Don E. Carleton
Publisher : University of Texas Press
Page : 419 pages
File Size : 14,7 MB
Release : 2014-02-15
Category : History
ISBN : 0292758553


Winner of the Texas State Historical Association Coral Horton Tullis Memorial Prize for Best Book on Texas History, this authoritative study of red-baiting in Texas reveals that what began as a coalition against communism became a fierce power struggle between conservative and liberal politics.

Staying Out

Author : Jean Shorney
Publisher : M-Y Books Limited
Page : 423 pages
File Size : 36,53 MB
Release : 2012-08-08
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 1909271756


Christina O'Donnell is beautiful and feisty, brought up into an impoverished existence in the criminal world of London's East End. Set against the backdrop of 1980's London underworld, Christy is released from prison after perpetrating an armed robbery with her lover, Rick Marelli. The money is still out there, and Christy knows that if she can get to it, she can escape the underworld. As she continues her search, the network of criminal tentacles close around her. Can she keep running, or should she stay to make a life with her new lover? A new lover unaware of her past.

Confirmation Hearings on Federal Appointments

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary
Publisher :
Page : 1132 pages
File Size : 21,79 MB
Release : 1992
Category : Judges


Secret Sweets

Author : Connie Shelton
Publisher : Secret Staircase Books, an imprint of Columbine Publishing Group
Page : 246 pages
File Size : 22,89 MB
Release : 2024-07-18
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 164914184X


Samantha Sweet’s husband, Beau, gets a call from a cousin he hasn’t seen in decades. Cecelia’s husband was recently murdered, and the local cops in their small town haven’t come up with a single suspect. She knows it wasn’t the random act of violence they’re claiming; Mark had been digging into something mysterious at his workplace and no one knows what kind of secrets he may have uncovered. Sam and Beau are on the road to Oklahoma to figure it out. Creston is a typical small town and no one wants to believe there’s a killer in their midst. But someone is hiding a secret that’s probably worth millions of dollars. And as Beau always says—behind most murders there’s a connection to either territory, love, or money. He and Sam just have to sort through the various suspects and motives to figure it out before the killer turns it back on them. Can they manage to catch the killer and still get home in time for the Thanksgiving holiday in Taos? Readers are raving about these lighthearted, relaxing, well-written books—Samantha may not be young, beautiful or have the perfect body, but she is intelligent, independent, and hard working, the kind of person you feel you already know. ~ ~ ~ Praise for Connie Shelton’s previous mysteries: “The best yet!! Not only was Sweet Magic fantastic, it left me dying to see where life is headed for Samantha and her family! Heart-gripping, fast-paced, and amazing.” – J.J. 5-stars, online review “LOVE, LOVE these books!” —5 stars, online review “Fantastic! Impossible to put down!” – 5 stars, Amazon reader “Shelton again has done a superb job in bringing New Mexico to life.” —Albuquerque Journal “Connie Shelton gets better with every book she writes.” —The Midwest Book Review