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Understanding Sherman Alexie

Author : Daniel Grassian
Publisher : Univ of South Carolina Press
Page : 230 pages
File Size : 28,4 MB
Release : 2005
Category : Literary Criticism
ISBN : 9781570035715


Offers a chronological examination of the work of the Native American novelist, poet, filmmaker, and short story writer.

Reservation Blues

Author : Sherman Alexie
Publisher : Open Road Media
Page : 331 pages
File Size : 15,7 MB
Release : 2013-10-15
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 1480457175


DIVDIVWinner of the American Book Award and the Murray Morgan Prize, Sherman Alexie’s brilliant first novel tells a powerful tale of Indians, rock ’n’ roll, and redemption/div Coyote Springs is the only all-Indian rock band in Washington State—and the entire rest of the world. Thomas Builds-the-Fire takes vocals and bass guitar, Victor Joseph hits lead guitar, and Junior Polatkin rounds off the sound on drums. Backup vocals come from sisters Chess and Checkers Warm Water. The band sings its own brand of the blues, full of poverty, pain, and loss—but also joy and laughter.DIV It all started one day when legendary bluesman Robert Johnson showed up on the Spokane Indian Reservation with a magical guitar, leaving it on the floor of Thomas Builds-the-Fire’s van after setting off to climb Wellpinit Mountain in search of Big Mom./divDIV In Reservation Blues, National Book Award winner Alexie vaults with ease from comedy to tragedy and back in a tour-de-force outing powered by a collision of cultures: Delta blues and Indian rock. DIVThis ebook features an illustrated biography including rare photos from the author’s personal collection./div/divDIV/div/div

A Study Guide for Sherman Alexie's "Reservation Blues"

Author : Gale, Cengage Learning
Publisher : Gale Cengage Learning
Page : 27 pages
File Size : 22,89 MB
Release : 2016-07-12
Category : Literary Criticism
ISBN : 1410356558


A Study Guide for Sherman Alexie's "Reservation Blues," excerpted from Gale's acclaimed Novels for Students. This concise study guide includes plot summary; character analysis; author biography; study questions; historical context; suggestions for further reading; and much more. For any literature project, trust Novels for Students for all of your research needs.

12 Multicultural Novels

Author : Monica Wood
Publisher : Walch Publishing
Page : 156 pages
File Size : 41,30 MB
Release : 1997
Category : Literary Criticism
ISBN : 9780825129018


Incorporate multicultural literature easily into your English program! Vivid stories that captivate the imagination and expand cultural understanding offer effective teaching strategies. This literature guide; gives you effective teaching strategies and complete material for 12 novels by writers from diverse cultures and ethnic backgrounds. The novels are: Ellen Foster, Reservation Blues; Shizuko's Daughter; The House on Mango Street; Somewhere in the Darkness; Make Lemonade; Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry; MAUS: A Survivor's Tale; The Long Season of Rain; Jesse; Allegra Maud Goldman; and The Dreams of Mairhe Mehan. Included for each novel are chapter-by chapter synopses, teaching notes, discussion questions and suggested responses, and a reading quiz and answer key.

Beginning Ethnic American Literatures

Author : Helena Grice
Publisher : Manchester University Press
Page : 268 pages
File Size : 28,72 MB
Release : 2001-06-23
Category : Literary Criticism
ISBN : 9780719057632


This text is designed to introduce students not only to ethnic American writers, but also to the cultural contexts and literary traditions in which their work is situated.

Robert Johnson, Mythmaking, and Contemporary American Culture

Author : Patricia R. Schroeder
Publisher : University of Illinois Press
Page : 220 pages
File Size : 36,86 MB
Release : 2004-06-14
Category : Music
ISBN : 9780252029158


Suddenly Robert Johnson is everywhere. Though the Mississippi bluesman died young and recorded only twenty-nine songs, the legacy, legend, and lore surrounding him continue to grow. Focusing on these developments, Patricia R. Schroeder's Robert Johnson, Mythmaking, and Contemporary American Culture breaks new ground in Johnson scholarship, going beyond simple or speculative biography to explore him in his larger role as a contemporary cultural icon. Part literary analysis, part cultural criticism, and part biographical study, Robert Johnson, Mythmaking, and Contemporary American Culture shows the Robert Johnson of today to be less a two-dimensional character fixed by the few known facts of his life than a dynamic and contested set of ideas. Represented in novels, in plays, and even on a postage stamp, he provides inspiration for "highbrow" cultural artifacts--such as poems--as well as Hollywood movies and T-shirts. Schroeder's detailed and scholarly analysis directly engages key images and stories about Johnson (such as the Faustian crossroads exchange of his soul for guitar virtuosity), navigating the many competing interpretations that swirl around him to reveal the cultural purposes these stories and their tellers serve. Unprecedented in both range and depth, Schroeder's work is a fascinating examination of the relationships among Johnson's life, its subsequent portrayals, and the cultural forces that drove these representations. With penetrating insights into both Johnson and the society that perpetuates him, Robert Johnson, Mythmaking, and Contemporary American Culture is essential reading for cultural critics and blues fans alike.

Native American Literatures

Author : Suzanne Evertsen Lundquist
Publisher : A&C Black
Page : 330 pages
File Size : 29,83 MB
Release : 2004-01-01
Category : Literary Criticism
ISBN : 9780826415981


Following the structure of other titles in the Continuum Introductions to Literary Genres series, Native American Literatures includes: A broad definition of the genre and its essential elements. A timeline of developments within the genre. Critical concerns to bear in mind while reading in the genre. Detailed readings of a range of widely taught texts. In-depth analysis of major themes and issues. Signposts for further study within the genre. A summary of the most important criticism in the field. A glossary of terms. An annotated, critical reading list. This book offers students, writers, and serious fans a window into some of the most popular topics, styles and periods in this subject. Authors studied in Native American Literatures include: N. Scott Momaday, Leslie Marmon Silko, Louise Erdrich, James Welch, Linda Hogan, Gerald Vizenor, Sherman Alexie, Louis Owens, Thomas King, Michael Dorris, Simon Ortiz, Cater Revard and Daine Glancy>

Dark Humor

Author : Harold Bloom
Publisher : Infobase Publishing
Page : 290 pages
File Size : 15,57 MB
Release : 2010
Category : Black humor
ISBN : 143813102X


Provides an examination of the use of dark humor in classic literary works.

Native Religions and Cultures of North America

Author : Lawrence Sullivan
Publisher : A&C Black
Page : 260 pages
File Size : 40,79 MB
Release : 2003-03-28
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9780826414861


This volume contains insightful essays on significant spiritual moments in eight different Native American cultures: Absaroke/Crow, Creek/Muskogee, Lakota, Mescalero Apache Navajo, Tlingit, Yup'ik, and Yurok.

Red Matters

Author : Arnold Krupat
Publisher : University of Pennsylvania Press
Page : 182 pages
File Size : 38,35 MB
Release : 2010-08-03
Category : Social Science
ISBN : 0812200683


Arnold Krupat, one of the most original and respected critics working in Native American studies today, offers a clear and compelling set of reasons why red—Native American culture, history, and literature—should matter to Americans more than it has to date. Although there exists a growing body of criticism demonstrating the importance of Native American literature in its own right and in relation to other ethnic and minority literatures, Native materials still have not been accorded the full attention they require. Krupat argues that it is simply not possible to understand the ethical and intellectual heritage of the West without engaging America's treatment of its indigenous peoples and their extraordinary and resilient responses. Criticism of Native literature in its current development, Krupat suggests, operates from one of three critical perspectives against colonialism that he calls nationalism, indigenism, and cosmopolitanism. Nationalist critics are foremost concerned with tribal sovereignty, indigenist critics focus on non-Western modes of knowledge, and cosmopolitan critics wish to look elsewhere for comparative possibilities. Krupat persuasively contends that all three critical perspectives can work in a complementary rather than an oppositional fashion. A work marked by theoretical sophistication, wide learning, and social passion, Red Matters is a major contribution to the imperative effort of understanding the indigenous presence on the American continents.