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A Little Tempting

Author : Kelsie Rae
Publisher : Author Kelsie Rae
Page : 411 pages
File Size : 16,77 MB
Release : 2024-02-25
Category : Fiction


My friend's little sister moved in next door. Dylan Thorne. The one and only. She's cute, in a nerdy wallflower kind of way. She's also off-limits. Or at least that's what my other friend says. Everett's been friends with Dylan's older brother for as long as she's lived. Call it a hunch, but I think he has a thing for Dylan, too, which is why he's warned me to keep my distance. But hey, I've never been one to turn down a challenge. And Dylan? Well, the girl wants nothing to do with me, or at least that's what she tells people. I, however, think we'd make a pretty cute couple, and I plan to prove it. But first, I need to figure out a few things. 1- a way to not piss off Dylan's older brother, who's the hockey captain for LAU's hockey team 2- a way to not be murdered in my sleep by Everett 3- a way to convince Dylan I'm not the player everyone's labeled me as All right, that's a lie. I am a player. But for Dylan? I'll be whoever she needs me to be, even if I have to burn a few bridges along the way.

Tempting Little Tease

Author : Kendall Ryan
Publisher : Kendall Ryan
Page : 254 pages
File Size : 17,72 MB
Release : 2018-03-20
Category : Fiction


A hot new standalone romance from New York Times bestseller, Kendall Ryan. She's the tutor I hired to teach me Italian. She's way too young for me, but she's also gorgeous, bright and filled with a curiosity about life that I find incredibly refreshing. It's fucking adorable. I’m old enough to know better, but this pretty young thing tempts me beyond belief. And for the first time in my life, I can see myself falling. *** Is this what it's like to be pursued by an older man? The complete confidence, the lack of expectations, the sincerity? My God, it's exhilarating. Quinn Kingsley is totally unexpected. I'm moving to Italy in three weeks to teach English, and while I never expected something so real to develop between us so quickly, our chemistry is undeniable. There's something so sexy about this back and forth he and I share. Flirting with this man is like playing with fire, and I'm bound to get burned. Io sono attratto da te. I'm attracted to you, he tells me. But is our attraction enough to get us through the complications of a massive age gap and an international love affair? Only one way to find out…

Tempting the Prince

Author : Christi Barth
Publisher : Entangled: Amara
Page : 374 pages
File Size : 27,2 MB
Release : 2020-08-24
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 1682815536


What happens when you mix an average American woman with a decidedly not average future King? A whole lot of complications. It started when my all-American sister found out that she’s not actually my sister—she’s a princess of a country we’d never heard of. And when she was whisked off to her new palace, I went with her. Now I’m an outsider who doesn’t fit in anywhere. I should go back to my exciting new career in New York. I absolutely should not stay in a country where I suck so badly at the national sport that I accidentally murdered the symbol of the monarchy in front of half the country. And I can’t stop ogling the Crown Prince. He’s supposed to marry a very important princess (not me). He’s supposed to father the next heir to the throne (without me). And he just gave me the best sex of my life. Did I mention that it’s complicated? Each book in the Sexy Misadventures of Royals series is STANDALONE: * The Princess Problem * Ruling the Princess * Tempting the Prince

The Little Tapas Book

Author : Murdoch Books Test Kitchen
Publisher : Allen & Unwin
Page : 192 pages
File Size : 36,68 MB
Release : 2010-11-01
Category : Cooking
ISBN : 1743362528


Tapas, or little snacks, may have originated in Spain, but the custom of lingering over three or four delectable mouthfuls - empanadillas, perhaps, or chilli olives, say - with a glass of wine or two has been happily embraced in countries all around the world. With more than 60 recipes to choose from, inspired by Spanish cuisine and many others, this handsome little book of tempting goodies will keep the tradition alive and well. Choose a few, or make a meal of them.

Tempting Little Tease

Author : J. Kenner
Publisher : Martini & Olive
Page : 129 pages
File Size : 39,8 MB
Release : 2019-08-24
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 1949925455


She’s a temptation I just can’t resist… My business is security. I protect other people—sometimes at my own expense. It’s the only way to explain how I got talked into playing fake fiancé for my best friend’s little sister. Now I’m seeing little Samantha Watson through new eyes. Instead of the little girl I used to tease, I’m up close and personal with a stunning woman whose curves and heat and heart-stopping smile rocket straight to my heart, not to mention parts south. I’ve never minded going above and beyond for a job. Except playing the smitten lover doesn’t feel like acting anymore. Despite all my experience, I’m the one who forgot to secure my heart. The only rule for this job was to walk away at the end. But maybe this time—for the first time—I’m going to break the rules.

Forbidden Desires: The Series

Author : Kendall Ryan
Publisher : Kendall Ryan
Page : 820 pages
File Size : 10,24 MB
Release : 2018-11-13
Category :


From New York Times Bestselling Author Kendall Ryan... Forbidden Desires: The Complete Series, containing every title in the sexy and intense bestselling series. This box set includes four bestselling novels: DIRTY LITTLE SECRET, DIRTY LITTLE PROMISE, TORRID LITTLE AFFAIR and TEMPTING LITTLE TEASE. Get it now at the special price of 4.99! (Regular price will be $9.99) Come meet the sexy and seductive Kingsley brothers! "Hands down one of the best books of the year." - Jessica, Booked J Blog "Could.Not.Put.Down. It must be read!" - The Book Bistro "Kendall Ryan's BEST BOOK YET!!! -Bookalicious Babes Blog


Author : Susan Mallery
Publisher : Harlequin
Page : 336 pages
File Size : 11,72 MB
Release : 2012-06-15
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 1459247787


After three romantic flame-outs in a year and a restaurant career going nowhere, Dani Buchanan needs a fresh start. She goes looking for her biological father, but never expects to find a senator running for president. As his long-lost "love child," Dani could seriously derail the election—something his handsome campaign manager Alex Canfield isn't going to let happen. Dani isn't about to let Alex run her life, no matter how tempting she finds him—and Alex isn't going to allow Dani to melt his cynicism, no matter how close he has to get. The last thing either of them wants is love, especially with scandals brewing and family trouble on the way. But Dani and Alex are forced to trust each other, and when trust turns to passion, the potential for disaster is only a tabloid scandal away.

Tempting the Beast

Author : Lora Leigh
Publisher : Elloras Cave Pub Incorporated
Page : 284 pages
File Size : 28,41 MB
Release : 2003
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781843607243


Callan Lyons is a genetic experiment. One of six fighting for freedom and the survival of their Pride. Merinus Tyler is the reporter who will tempt him, draw him, until the fury of the "mating frenzy" locks them into a battle of sexual heat there is no escape from. Deception, blood, and the evil Genetics Council are hot on their trail. Callan will use his strength to try and save them both...and do all in his power to keep his woman in the process.

Tempting the New Boss

Author : Angela Claire
Publisher : Entangled: Brazen
Page : 249 pages
File Size : 50,47 MB
Release : 2015-10-19
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 1633754634


He’s quirky, but irresistible. Eccentric CEO Mason Talbot may be missing a few social skills, but when he meets his alluring new lawyer Camilla, he turns on the charm. Well, his kind of charm.... She’s a good girl...with a wild side. An affair with the boss, a plane crash and getting stranded in the freezing wilds, makes Camilla’s first day on the job unforgettable. Now all she needs to do is survive the rest. A new job, a new love...a new life. But while she’s tempting the boss, will she also be testing herself? Each book in the Sleeping with the Enemy series is a standalone, full-length story that can be enjoyed out of order. Series Order: Book #1 Tempting the CEO Book #2 Tempting the Corporate Spy Book #3 Tempting the New Boss

A Wager to Tempt the Runaway

Author : Bronwyn Scott
Publisher : Harlequin
Page : 288 pages
File Size : 14,70 MB
Release : 2021-05-25
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 1488072035


She’s a free spirit He’s a serious businessman Josefina Ricci has run away to fulfill her deathbed promise to her father to travel the world! During her stop in England, the free-spirited artist is embroiled in a wager—to paint an award-winning portrait of oyster businessman Owen Gann in exchange for room and board. Owen is her opposite in all ways, pragmatic and responsible, but as he reveals a wild, passionate side, might Josefina have found her greatest adventure…in him? From Harlequin Historical: Your romantic escape to the past. The Rebellious Sisterhood Female artists…taking their world by storm! Book 1: Portrait of a Forbidden Love Book 2: Revealing the True Miss Stansfield Book 3: A Wager to Tempt the Runaway