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Mother and Child

Author : Claiborne Swanson Frank
Publisher : Assouline Publishing
Page : 6 pages
File Size : 45,44 MB
Release : 2018-04-01
Category : Travel
ISBN : 1614286914


In the latest body of work by author and photographer Claiborne Swanson Frank, the artist set out to explore what modern motherhood means in the 21st century. Turning her lens on 70 iconic families of mothers and children from such celebrated names as Delfina Figueras, Carolina Herrera, Lauren Santo Domingo, Anne Vyalitsyna, Aerin Lauder, and Patti Hansen, Swanson Frank’s stunning portraits capture the emotional bonds and beauty that frame the primal relationship of a mother and her child. Complementing her work is a series of questions-and-answers, in which Swanson Frank delicately tasks each mother to look within themselves and express what being a mother truly means to them. Their answers, while exceedingly thoughtful and introspective, are also amusing, fascinating, and moving. Each one of these deeply intimate and stunning portraits will captivate and inspire readers as they embark on this profound journey that reminds us all of the power of motherhood and the great gift of love.

14 Days

Author : Lisa Goich
Publisher : Savio Republic
Page : 205 pages
File Size : 25,80 MB
Release : 2015-11-10
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 1618685597


How do you let go of a hand you've held your whole life? When Lisa traveled home to visit her parents in December 2011, she never expected an ordinary three-day weekend to turn into an extraordinary 14-day observance of her mother’s life – and ultimately – death. From a child’s first breath to a mother’s last, 14 Days shows how closing that circle can be a celebration of this unbreakable bond.

The Art of Motherhood

Author : Marta Alvarez González
Publisher : Getty Publications
Page : 540 pages
File Size : 10,64 MB
Release : 2010
Category : Art
ISBN : 1606060155


Presents a collection over two hundred artworks from the ancient world up to the present which are paired with quotations from a diversity of writers celebrating mothers and motherhood.

Art of Motherhood

Author : Susan Bracaglia Tobey
Publisher :
Page : 182 pages
File Size : 26,54 MB
Release : 1991
Category : Art


Maternity has been a universal theme of artists in every culture since the earliest civilizations. The Art of Motherhood offers a sumptuous array of images which express the delight that mothers and children have found in each other throughout the centuries. 108 illustrations, 85 in full color.

The Mischievous Mom at the Art Gallery

Author : Rebecca Eckler
Publisher : Key Porter Books
Page : 0 pages
File Size : 24,11 MB
Release : 2010
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9781554702671


Finally — a picture book for the Starbucks-armed, BlackBerry-checking, gym-going working mother. The high-octane duo of Rebecca Eckler and Erica Ehm have cooked up The Mischievous Mom at the Art Gallery, featuring a thoroughly modern mother who makes a point of including her two children in her always hectic life. At five o'clock, when Mom gets home, everything changes for Jessie and Josh. Their mother is mischievous, curious, adventurous, and free-spirited. In The Mischievous Mom at the Art Gallery, Mom takes her children to a swanky art gallery party. Although Jessie and Josh think standing around looking at art on a wall is B-O-R-I-N-G, they quickly learn otherwise. Nothing is ever really boring when Mom is around – especially when a “Do Not Enter – VIPs only!†sign beckons. Behind that door is a world of adventure just waiting to be discovered. Featuring the bright and energetic artwork of Carrie Hartman, The Mischievous Mom is for modern moms and their children — and for anyone who knows that not being afraid to think outside of the box can lead to the most memorable experiences of all.

A Special Collection in Praise of Mothers

Author : Helen Exley
Publisher : Helen Exley Giftbooks
Page : 96 pages
File Size : 48,7 MB
Release : 1998-06
Category : Family & Relationships
ISBN : 9781850158417


The creator of such wonderful gift book as For Mother: A Gift of Love, Friendship Quotations, A Gift of Flowers, and Love Is a Grandmother now offers a special collection of poems and verses in tribute to Mother. A perfect gift for every mom. Illustrations.

In Our Mothers' House

Author : Patricia Polacco
Publisher : Penguin
Page : 49 pages
File Size : 39,93 MB
Release : 2009-04-30
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 039925076X


A heartwarming story of family, love, and celebrating what makes us special, from master storyteller Patricia Polacco, author of Thank You, Mr. Falker. Marmee, Meema, and the kids are just like any other family on the block. In their cozy home, they cook dinner together, they laugh together, they dance and play together. But one family doesn't accept them. Maybe because they think they are different: How can a family have two moms and no dad? But Marmee and Meema's house is full of love. And they teach their children that different doesn't mean wrong. No matter how many moms or dads they have, they are everything a family is meant to be. Celebrated author-illustrator Patricia Polacco inspires young readers with this message of a wonderful family living by its own rules, held together by a very special love.


Author : Judith A. Barter
Publisher : Chronicle Books
Page : 121 pages
File Size : 34,80 MB
Release : 2019-10-01
Category : Art
ISBN : 1452169071


This monograph of American artist Mary Cassatt’s work celebrates fifty stunning portraits of mothers with their children in everyday life. Mary Cassatt’s tender and profound paintings redefined portraiture and broke down barriers for women in art—both as artists and as subjects. This collection focuses on Cassatt’s insightful portrayal of women and children living their everyday lives. Fifty magnificent images cover the scope of Cassatt’s work, from her early interest in Japanese woodblocks all the way to her exploration of Modernist techniques. Two essays contextualize her as a pioneering female artist and as the American face of Impressionist painting. • Captures the love between mothers and children • A luminous, robust, and timely celebration of an artist with a unique legacy Fans of The Private Lives of the Impressionists, In Montmartre, and Mary Cassatt: An American Impressionist in Paris will love this book./

Someone Else's Mother

Author : Caroline Irby
Publisher : Schilt Publishing
Page : 120 pages
File Size : 19,48 MB
Release : 2020-04-30
Category :
ISBN : 9789053309407


"I grew up in London with a Filipina woman called Juning, who had four children of her own living on a small island in the Philippines 7,000 miles away. Juning's husband left when their children were young, and all financial responsibility for the family fell to her. For several years Juning worked as a nanny in Manila, but in 1974, knowing that a local income could not stretch to cover her children's school fees, she decided to look for work abroad. Her youngest child was two years old when she left for Hong Kong. In 1976 my parents and brother, who was then a year old, moved from London to Hong Kong for my father's work with Barings Bank. My mother soon became pregnant with me, and in the spring of 1977 she advertised for a 'mother's help' at Waitrose in Hong Kong; Juning was one of four people who responded to the post. My mother tells me my brother hid each time someone arrived for the interview, until Juning came, when he headed straight for her lap. I'm grateful for my brother's discernment, and that in response it was Juning who my mother chose to employ, because though I have complicated feelings about growing up with someone else's mother and benefiting from her attention while her own children could not, Juning was certainly a very sound and loving person to entrust childcare to. Two or three years after Juning began working for my family in Hong Kong, we moved back to London, and Juning came with us. She continued to live with my family for twenty two years, until 1999. [...] Now, as an adult and a mother myself, the notion that Juning lived apart from her children for three decades is painful to imagine, and I can't shake off a feeling of strangeness that their lives and mine carried on in tandem for all those years, mine with their mother, theirs without. My parents chose to employ Juning, and her influence on my life has been so extensive, I can't say where it starts or ends. Juning chose to leave her children in order to financially support them, and the effect of this decision on her children's lives is also impossible to measure. We are all part of the same curious equation, we are all impacted, and after decades of living in tandem but remotely, I wanted to try to understand how."

Designing Motherhood

Author : Michelle Millar Fisher
Publisher : MIT Press
Page : 345 pages
File Size : 27,43 MB
Release : 2021-09-14
Category : Social Science
ISBN : 0262044897


More than eighty designs--iconic, archaic, quotidian, and taboo--that have defined the arc of human reproduction. While birth often brings great joy, making babies is a knotty enterprise. The designed objects that surround us when it comes to menstruation, birth control, conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and early motherhood vary as oddly, messily, and dramatically as the stereotypes suggest. This smart, image-rich, fashion-forward, and design-driven book explores more than eighty designs--iconic, conceptual, archaic, titillating, emotionally charged, or just plain strange--that have defined the relationships between people and babies during the past century. Each object tells a story. In striking images and engaging text, Designing Motherhood unfolds the compelling design histories and real-world uses of the objects that shape our reproductive experiences. The authors investigate the baby carrier, from the Snugli to BabyBjörn, and the (re)discovery of the varied traditions of baby wearing; the tie-waist skirt, famously worn by a pregnant Lucille Ball on I Love Lucy, and essential for camouflaging and slowly normalizing a public pregnancy; the home pregnancy kit, and its threat to the authority of male gynecologists; and more. Memorable images--including historical ads, found photos, and drawings--illustrate the crucial role design and material culture plays throughout the arc of human reproduction. The book features a prologue by Erica Chidi and a foreword by Alexandra Lange. Contributors Luz Argueta-Vogel, Zara Arshad, Nefertiti Austin, Juliana Rowen Barton, Lindsey Beal, Thomas Beatie, Caitlin Beach, Maricela Becerra, Joan E. Biren, Megan Brandow-Faller, Khiara M. Bridges, Heather DeWolf Bowser, Sophie Cavoulacos, Meegan Daigler, Anna Dhody, Christine Dodson, Henrike Dreier, Adam Dubrowski, Michelle Millar Fisher, Claire Dion Fletcher, Tekara Gainey, Lucy Gallun, Angela Garbes, Judy S. Gelles, Shoshana Batya Greenwald, Robert D. Hicks, Porsche Holland, Andrea Homer-Macdonald, Alexis Hope, Malika Kashyap, Karen Kleiman, Natalie Lira, Devorah L Marrus, Jessica Martucci, Sascha Mayer, Betsy Joslyn Mitchell, Ginger Mitchell, Mark Mitchell, Aidan O’Connor, Lauren Downing Peters, Nicole Pihema, Alice Rawsthorn, Helen Barchilon Redman, Airyka Rockefeller, Julie Rodelli, Raphaela Rosella, Loretta J. Ross, Ofelia Pérez Ruiz, Hannah Ryan, Karin Satrom, Tae Smith, Orkan Telhan, Stephanie Tillman, Sandra Oyarzo Torres, Malika Verma, Erin Weisbart, Deb Willis, Carmen Winant, Brendan Winick, Flaura Koplin Winston